Bonus Exp/Ab/Skill/Spell + Updates

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Bonus Event

Double Experience/Ability Event + Skill/Spell 3X Leveling Boost

Starting December 22nd, all registered accounts will receive Double Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.
Registered account will also get Skill/Spell 3X Leveling Boost.

Bonus Event will END on January 2nd.

Bonus Event will ONLY be available on the following maps:

* All Christmas Maps (Mount Merry)
* All Tavaly Hunting Maps (Sacred Forest 1-13)

Tavaly Updates

* To make hunting more convenience, the last hunting room (Sacred Forest 19) will now have an exit leading back to Tavaly Village.
* Tavaly Monsters have been updated.

((We are still updating Tavaly Village based on your suggestions. We are always taking comments and suggestions. Thank you!))

Merry Christmas,
DA Team

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