Winter Solstice Festival

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Greetings Aislings,

It’s that time again where the days grow short and the nights grow long, and festivities are upon us! Come join friends an family for a fun filled Winter Solstice Festival. Bundle up in your warmest clothes and head down to Mount Girigan for games, gifts, and good cheer. Try you hand at our activities and you could win prizes, pets, or even a legend mark!

Seasons Greetings,
The Suomi Troupe

Derpy Derby
Come celebrate the Winter Solstice by getting your festive clothes on and joining us for a pet race! See if you’ve got the skills to be the very best pet racer and show your speed through our obstacle course. Bring yourself, a pet, and some festive clothing.

Winter Fashion Show
Join us at the Garmonde Theatre in Suomi to show off your festive fashions for the Winter Soltice! Come strut your stuff on our stages and let your gift this season be the gift of style to us all!
Secret Erbie

Join in the fun Secret Erbie gift exchange! You’ll be given the information and interests on a fellow Aisling in advance, with a 5m-15m gold range. At the actual event gifts will be collected by the Troupe and given out in a fun and festive way that keeps your Secret Erbie a secret. Contact or mail a member of the Suomi Troupe to get involved.

Nacht der Krampus
Bring your Blades, Staves, and Shields for this scary interactive event. I just hope you’ve all been good Aisling boys and girls, or Krampus might stuff you in his sack!

Winter Scavanger Hunt
The Festival is coming to a close but all the raucous events have left Mundanes across Temuair scrambling for help. Use creativity, ingenuity, and wit to help find items to solve their problems. Don’t have the right item? Get inventive in your item hunt and convince our judges that your item solves the problem and you’ll score points too. Everybody can play, just bring your imagination!

Temuair Carolers
Looking for something to do in between events? Look for our hidden Caroling Santas and hit them for a surprise!

The troupe-hosted event will be on December 9th:
Schedule of events:

Derpy Derby – 8pm GMT/12pm PST/3pm EST (Mount Girigan)
Winter Fashion Show – 10pm GMT/ 2pm PST/ 5pm EST (Suomi Theatre)
Secret Erbie -12am GMT/4pm PST/7pm EST (Mount Girigan)
Nacht der Krampus – 2am GMT/6pm PST/9pm EST (Mount Girigan)
Winter Scavenger Hunt – 4am GMT/8pm PST/11pm EST (Mount Girigan)

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