Spike Game + Updates/Bug Fix

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Spike Game

You spoke we listened. The favorite “Bomb Game” will now be available year-round but with a twist. Instead of bombs, it will be Ice! Sharp Crystal Ice will emerge from the ground and take out anyone standing in it’s way.

Please speak to Quinly for more details, located in Pravat South Entrance (14,16), next to the Beggar.

Quick Info:
* Minimum to participate: 5 Aislings
* Fee: 1000 gold coin
* Prize: 10 Million Gold
((Prize will be divided if there are more than one winner.))

((This Spike Game is out for beta testing. Prizes are yours to keep. Any cheating will have all their gold removed. Thanks for playing fair.))

Updates + Bug Fixes

* Significantly reduced “pramh” for Sacred Forest Monsters
* Updated AI in Sacred Forest Monsters in players favor
* Fixed more items the disappear on logging on/off
* Fixed items that instant break on death

Things we are working on

* Expanding Tavaly Village
* Adding another NEW Village
* Adding daily kill quest for 1-99
* Fixing Skill/Spells damage

((Please keep the suggestions coming. We will entertain all valid suggestions/requests.

Trial, Error, DA Team

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