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Empowering Hwarone Items

Empowering Hwarone Items will now cost 20 Million Gold + new updated requirements

Big changes on Empowering Hwarone Weapons.

NEW list of requirements:

Empowered Hwarone Guandao

20 Million Gold
Hy-brasyl Fragment
Hwarone Guandao
Flawed Hy-brasyl
Uncut Hy-brasyl
Finished Hy-brasyl
Andor Saber
Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan

Empowered Yumi Bow

20 Million Gold
Yumi Bow
Andor Bow
Finished Talos
Fine Light Dagger
Fine Center Dagger
Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan

Empowered Serpant Sphere

20 Million Gold
Andor Staff
Magus Zeus
Magus Diana
Magus Apollo
Magus Gaea
Magus Kronos
Serpant Sphere
Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan

Empowered Hwarone Lute

20 Million Gold
Hydele deum
Personaca deum
Betony deum
Hwarone Lute
Staff of Ages
Staff of Brilliance
Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan

Empowered Hwarone Bracer

20 Million Gold
Emerald Bracer
Sapphire Bracer
Minerva Bracer
Hwarone Bracer
Silk White Dugon
Silk Green Dugon
Silk Blue Dugon
Silk Yellow Dugon
Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan


Deception of Life
Lowered requirement for casting “Deception of Life” from 18,000 to 6,000 mana

Poison Punch
Increased damage attack

Tavaly Monsters
Removed some of the the soundeffects that can distract/annoy players

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