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Friday Updates

Empowering Hwarone Items Empowering Hwarone Items will now cost 20 Million Gold + new updated requirements Big changes on Empowering Hwarone Weapons. NEW list of requirements: Gladiator Empowered Hwarone Guandao 20 Million Gold Hy-brasyl Fragment Hwarone Guandao Flawed Hy-brasyl Uncut Hy-brasyl Finished Hy-brasyl Andor Saber Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan Archer Empowered Yumi Bow 20 Million [...]

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Priest Updates + Bug Fixes

Priest Update We are adding Bonus Experience and Ability Points for Priests after performing Mass. Please visit the corresponding NPC within 1 hour after performing a Mass and click on the option: "Priest Bonus Mass Reward" Meaveen.....Glioca Evania.....Cail Gabriela.....Luathas Camille.....Gramail Audny.....Fiosachd Vivianne.....Deoch Greim.....Sgrios Erika.....Ceannlaidir Bonus EXP/AB will be level-based: Level 1 - 10 50000 exp points 11 [...]

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New Lost Ruins Daily Quest + Updates

Lost Ruins Daily Quest Speak to Nairn @ Lost Ruins 1 (44,31) for more details Info info on Prizes: + After completing the LR Daily Quest, you will be rewarded with 5 Random Upgrade Plans + some Experience Daily Quest List ((Updated)) You can attempt each of their quest every 24 hours. Celesta - Pravat [...]

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Law Shortcut Fix + New NPC

Law Shortcut Bug Fix Nairn lied to us and the shortcut was still blocked. We have asked Trial and Error to clear the path and now it's ready to be used. We apologize in behalf Nairn for misleading you guys. :) New NPC - Blokie Blokie, the siblings of Okie and Dokie has arrived. He's [...]

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Law Shortcut + Updates

Law Short Cut Are you tired of starting the Lost Ruins quest just to collect Upgrade Plans? Well, now you're in luck. Nairn discovered a shortcut straight to Law (Lost Ruins Boss). Speak to Nairn @ Lost Ruins 1 (44,31) Quick info: * Added 3 addition Boss Maps to prevent overcrowding * Already completed the [...]

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Spike Game + Updates/Bug Fix

Spike Game You spoke we listened. The favorite "Bomb Game" will now be available year-round but with a twist. Instead of bombs, it will be Ice! Sharp Crystal Ice will emerge from the ground and take out anyone standing in it's way. Please speak to Quinly for more details, located in Pravat South Entrance (14,16), [...]

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Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes * Fixed items that randomly disappears upon logging on/off or when moving servers. * Fixed items so that they can be dropped and traded again, i.e. Priest/Wizard Staff

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February Events + Updates

February Events **Make A Wish** Naomhan in Mileth Church is asking for your wish. Will you help him? Will you make the right decision? ((This event is open to all registered players insight 20+)) **Valentine's Gift** Aidan & Nadia will be at Loures Castle giving away Valentine's Gifts to all registered players. The Valentine's Gift [...]

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Festival of Hearts

Festival of Hearts Come one and come all, ye brave lovers and hopeless romantics from all of Temuair to the Festival of Hearts! Join the Suomi Troupe in celebration of all things romantic for an event of love and mystery. You'll have the chance to cook up a romantic meal, follow the journey of two [...]

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Daily Kill Quest Update

Updates We have updated the Sacred Forest to have a NEW daily kill quest. Please talk to Quinn located at (72,97) in Tavaly Village. * Monsters in the Sacred Forest has been updated again. Here is the list of NPCs that participate in the daily kill quest in their area. You can attempt each of [...]

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