In-game Events

Spike Game + Updates/Bug Fix

Spike Game You spoke we listened. The favorite "Bomb Game" will now be available year-round but with a twist. Instead of bombs, it will be Ice! Sharp Crystal Ice will emerge from the ground and take out anyone standing in it's way. Please speak to Quinly for more details, located in Pravat South Entrance (14,16), [...]

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February Events + Updates

February Events **Make A Wish** Naomhan in Mileth Church is asking for your wish. Will you help him? Will you make the right decision? ((This event is open to all registered players insight 20+)) **Valentine's Gift** Aidan & Nadia will be at Loures Castle giving away Valentine's Gifts to all registered players. The Valentine's Gift [...]

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Festival of Hearts

Festival of Hearts Come one and come all, ye brave lovers and hopeless romantics from all of Temuair to the Festival of Hearts! Join the Suomi Troupe in celebration of all things romantic for an event of love and mystery. You'll have the chance to cook up a romantic meal, follow the journey of two [...]

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January Events

Dark Aisling Event Law may be dead, but he lives on through his dark actions! A Fragment of Law has risen! He has gathered some of his old followers and has returned to Temuair! ((To get to this event, go to the Grass Fields and head to the right of the Goblin Entrance.)) Rewards: Double [...]

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Bonus Exp/Ab/Skill/Spell + Updates

Bonus Event Double Experience/Ability Event + Skill/Spell 3X Leveling Boost Starting December 22nd, all registered accounts will receive Double Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc. Registered account will also get Skill/Spell 3X Leveling Boost. Bonus Event will END on January 2nd. Bonus Event will ONLY be available on the following maps: * All Christmas Maps (Mount Merry) * [...]

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December Events

December Events The Merriest of Dreams Tired and weary from a long day? Come take a nice nap at the inns of Mileth, Rucesion, and Noam. And may your dreams be merry. Missing Erbies Event Mother Erbie lost her babies while traveling to Mt. Merry. Will you help her find them? A gift box filled [...]

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Winter Solstice Festival

Greetings Aislings, It's that time again where the days grow short and the nights grow long, and festivities are upon us! Come join friends an family for a fun filled Winter Solstice Festival. Bundle up in your warmest clothes and head down to Mount Girigan for games, gifts, and good cheer. Try you hand at [...]

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Eulogy: Origin

Eulogy: Origin Jean, who provided lore of Mehadi Flowers during The Pact, speculates on the dubhaimid invasion which just began: Dear Aislings, I cautiously write a plea to you. Let not the knowledge fall into the hands of mundane powers of Loures. Again, as before, dreaded Dubhaimid appeared at the peak of the First Rite [...]

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Eulogy: Relic

Eulogy: Relic Jean, who provided lore of Mehadi Flowers during The Pact, tells knowledge about the relics of each the cultures'' religion, from rough translations: The Grimlok of Pravat reveal: Adranuch worked the earth. At this special moment, She crafted the earth and imbued it with power. This She gave to us. At our eulogy, [...]

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Eulogy: Ceremony

Eulogy: Ceremony Kalliope writes: A priest of each member of the Trinity appeared at dawn and began long chants of the tales of their arch-deity. In Pravat the Grimlok worship Adranuch, their Lady of Gold. In Astrid the Kobolds worship Arpina, their All-Mother. In Mehadi the Mukul worship Matrika, their Goddess of the Sun-heart. Kalliope [...]

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