In-game Updates

Bonus Exp/Ab/Skill/Spell + Updates

Bonus Event Double Experience/Ability Event + Skill/Spell 3X Leveling Boost Starting December 22nd, all registered accounts will receive Double Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc. Registered account will also get Skill/Spell 3X Leveling Boost. Bonus Event will END on January 2nd. Bonus Event will ONLY be available on the following maps: * All Christmas Maps (Mount Merry) * [...]

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Tavaly Village Update

Tavaly Monster * Increased Monster Spawn Counts (all Maps) * Monster Spawn Counts will also increase in higher maps * Increased Monster Exp/Ab points per kill * Less Pramh casting * Decreased speed of certain monsters ((This update due to all the suggestions given to us through the support ticket system. Please keep them coming. [...]

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Tavaly Village

Tavaly Village has been found! It can be reached North of Aman Jungle. The origin of this Village is still a mystery including it's inhabitants. ((This NEW hunting area is for registered players and Ability 20 and above. This area is open for public testing and all experience and ability gained will be yours to [...]

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