January Events

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Dark Aisling Event

Law may be dead, but he lives on through his dark actions!

A Fragment of Law has risen! He has gathered some of his old followers and has returned to Temuair!

((To get to this event, go to the Grass Fields and head to the right of the Goblin Entrance.))


Double Exp/AB Star
Greatest Exp Mushroom
Greatest Ability Rune
The Legendary Lumen Amulet
Water Dungeon Chest
Ability and Experience Gift 1

**Players has the chance to receive 0 to 6 Rewards upon killing Law.**

Capture the Fowl

Visit Celesta (Pravat South Entrance) for more details.

Head to Pravat South Entrance and speak to Celesta for more information.

Capture 21 Fowls in 15 minutes.
Your time start when you catch your 1st Fowl.
When time expires, your record will be cleared.
Claim your prize by clicking on *Capture the Fowl Prize*

LN Raffles
Experience *insight based*
Ability Points *insight based*
Legend Mark

Double EXP/AB

All registered accounts will receive DOUBLE Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.

Dark Aisling and Capture the Fowl Event will start January 12th and will last approximate 2 weeks.
DOUBLE Bonus event to will begin on January 12th and END on 12PM PST January 15th.

Register your accounts to take advantage of this special event!

Future Updates

* Tavaly Monsters will be updated based on community suggestions
* Spells are being looked at fix certain damage bugs

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